Design and construction of radiation sources

We develop project documentation for the construction or reconstruction of buildings and structures where radiation sources will be located or are already located.

As part of the License for the design and construction of radiation sources, our company performs design and construction work:

  • Radiometric, spectrometric, and radiochemical control laboratories of category III and IV for potential radiation hazards.
  • Laboratory (production) premises of category III and IV for potential radiation hazard with equipment for working with radionuclide sources and / or radioactive substances.
  • Therapeutic and / or diagnostic complexes as part of radiological departments of medical institutions that use closed radionuclide sources and / or radioactive substances for medical and diagnostic purposes.
  • Premises of medical institutions with a radiation protection system for placing technological equipment (cameras, boxes, fume hoods, etc.) in them.
  • Storage facilities for storing mobile radiation sources, radioactive substances, and radioactive waste.
  • Physical barriers to protection from external exposure of personnel when working with radiation sources, radioactive substances in rooms of category III, IV for potential radiation hazard.
  • Technical devices containing a closed radionuclide radiation source and intended for the implementation of radiation technologies, research on the effects of ionizing radiation on a substance, as well as non-destructive quality control of products using ionizing radiation.